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The OODJ - The complete solution

Designed by a DJ - for a DJ! The 00DJ provides the perfect solution for the mobile DJ on the road. Portable and compact with ease of use, this stylish MP3 module will save you time & effort at your venues - without sacrificing performance.

Turn up to your next gig with style, confidence and bulletproof technology with the ‘00DJ’ professional music performance system. The 00DJ delivers a feel of quality and power that puts it in a league of its own.The ‘00DJ’ provides the perfect solution for today’s fast moving professionals. Inspired by a working DJ the all-in-one is, “What I really, really want.” Combining ice cool styling with touch screen programming - an impressive yet secure library of MP3 files - the 00DJ will free-up your creativity and save valuable time at all of your venues.
If DJing is your life, then the ‘00DJ’ is your weapon of choice.

OODJ plus- $3999.95
All included:
External CD ROM
Red VRM or FX
FREE Delivery
1 Yr warranty Return to Base

Years of development has ensured the 00DJ is the best option on the marketplace for the working DJ. The outer & inner case has been tested and found to withstand knocks and dropping and meet stringent standards. The twin hard drives have plenty of space for literally thousands of tracks, and the Biometric security feature will give you confidence to secure your unit whilst unattended.
The Illuminated keyboard will enable you to see in the dark. The soundcard used is built in ensuring you have optimized sound at every venue. No need to have an additional external sound. The power supply is universal switch mode and will work in any country.
The 00DJ can, in no way be called a laptop computer in fact quite the opposite. A laptop is a multi purpose computer designed for an office or home environment. The OODJ is designed for professional audio use and is optimized for stability and reliability.


Benefits Include:
Stores over 100,000 MP3 files
Cool ice blue, electro-luminescent keyboard
Biometric fingerprint security
200 GB hard drive
Loaded with PCDJ FX or Red VRM software
14.1’’ drag and drop touch screen display
On-board, deep-cycle power supply
Latest Intel™ Centrino™ Processor
USB 2.0 ports
Toughened steel atache case
External CD ROM included Free
Save time at venues
Secure and durable
Complete all in one Solution
Highly illuminated
PCDJ KJ karaoke software included

Pro Mobile Magazine

OODJ Quick User Manual

OODJ Quick Start Guide

Free UDG bag with OODJ

Perfect for laptop/OODJ/records




About the built in sound card :

  • The GIGAPort AG is equipped with eight RCA analog outputs, which make the possibilities endless. With eight high quality outputs, you could be mixing directly to DVD, transferring files, or just kicking back listening to your favorite MP3's & DVD's straight out of your IMP or laptop in full 5.1 surround.
  • The GIGAPort AG offers full compatibility with Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 surround formats and is ready to support DTS ES 6.1, and 7.1 new surround formats.

OODJ Specifications

  • Intel Pentium M 1.7Ghz
  • 1Gb DDR RAM
  • Twin 100Gb hard drives
  • Integrated Intel graphics with twin screen output support
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner
  • Gigaport AG sound card
  • Illuminated blue keyboard
  • Touch screen with supplied stylus
  • Twin USB 2.0 ports for user access External VGA port for user access
  • Custom laser cut metal chassis
  • Twin fan cooling system
  • External USB DVD-ROM/CDRW drive UDG carry bag supplied
  • Windows XP home pre-loaded and fully customized for audio playback



PCDJ Software


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