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The DAC-2 Audio Controller

The DAC-2 (Digital Audio Controller) is a pro-grade hardware control unit that has been designed especially for today's working DJ and the most demanding applications. The DAC-2 weight only 6lbs and plugs straight into your PC or Laptop by USB port or you can mount it into your existing system. Plug in the DAC-2 control device there is no need to use your keyboard or mouse! Its truly a revolutionary breakthrough in DJ technology. The DAC-2 puts your entire music collection at your fingertips and is a true fast interface with the PCDJ software. Scroll, Load, Play, Cue, Loop and much more with soft touch control.
With the DAC-2, you can become a better DJ.

This Digital Audio Controller gives you hands-on control of the music, allowing you to mix songs faster and easier, keeping the dance floor alive. The DAC-2 works with PCDJ software, letting you jump right into mixing and remixing digital audio. This improved technology will change the way you mix. ...forever.

DAC-2 Controller only - $329.00 <buy>
DAC-2 with RED VRM - $349.00 <buy>
DAC-2 with FX - $429.00 <buy>

Benifits Include:
Looks and feels just like a dual CD Player
Easy to use interface for any kind of DJ
USB interface - just plug and play
Controls music and functions in software
No need for mouse and Keyboard.
True instant start
Create loops and Cue points on the fly, perfectly synced every time
Displays for Players A and B
Play any sample or loop in reverse
Displays for Players A and B
Jog wheel to search for songs in recordcase, set cue points and easy loading
Lockable Pitch for both players, makes sure you are never out of Sync
Rack mountable, standard rack

12 volts power supply

Weighs 4 pounds

Combo Options

  • If you are looking to get a deal on a DAC-2 and software, check out the different options available <here>

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